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Metal That Feels Good

Metal Alchemist creates a new experience with metals through a fusion of artistry, science, and soul.

Our jewelry isn't just beautiful. It works for you.

From creating new precious metals and techniques, to pioneering the world of energized pieces that support you through groundbreaking technology and optimized, clean metals — we have one intention: to create pieces that feel good.

Intentional Craftsmanship

Crafted in Rhode Island, the Jewelry Capital of the World™, every piece is created to last generations by artisans who’ve done this for generations.

Artistry Meets Alchemy

Metals are conductors of energy. We take every step to enhance the feel, quality, and beneficial properties of each metal, from design to production.  

We Only Use Clean Metals

We skip common metal additives and avoid coatings to keep our metals clean, optimized, and effective, preserving and enhancing each metal’s natural benefits.

Energetically Charged Jewelry

Each piece is infused with a healing frequency through Vital Energy Technology, promoting awareness, protection, clarity, and positive change.

Responsible Manufacturing

Our metals undergo several proprietary intentional processes to create unmatched comfort and quality, while being eco-friendly, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

For Everyone, Everyday

Timeless, genderless pieces designed to mold to you for a lightweight, breathable, bespoke fit. This is your energy tool meant for your daily life - dress it up or down.

Energetically Charged

Each piece is infused with a healing frequency through Vital Force Technology, promoting awareness, protection, clarity, and positive change. VFT is a process that captures nature's energy, distilling it into a specific frequency that gets infused into our copper tags found on each piece.


Related to the sun, is a super conductor that helps to illuminate, strengthen, and bring clarity to you as you take action


Related to Venus, enhances, balances, and harmonizes other metals with you. It connects you to the power of your heart and love.


Related to the moon, is a natural shield. It enhances receptivity and intuition with its protective field that grounds you and keeps your own energy integrity.

Because if you’re going to wear something beautiful, it might as well be powerful, too.