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Introducing Metal That Feels Good.

In Alchemy, Metal Has Meaning and Purpose.

Gold (Au)

Related to the sun, is a super conductor that helps to illuminate, strengthen, and bring clarity to you as you take action

Copper (Cu)

Related to Venus, enhances, balances, and harmonizes other metals with you. It connects you to the power of your heart and love.

Silver (Ag)

Related to the moon, is a natural shield. It enhances receptivity and intuition with its protective field that grounds you and keeps your own energy integrity.

From creating new precious metals and techniques to pioneering the world of energized pieces that support you through groundbreaking technology and optimized, clean metals—we have one intention: to create pieces that feel as good they look.

A New Approach to Iconic Collaborations

Our collaborations redefine the jewelry industry. This isn’t traditional licensing or endorsements; we build brands together with our partners, making it as much their brand as it is ours.

Intentional Craftmanship

We Only Use Clean Metals

Energetically Charged Jewelry

Responsible Manufacturing

Made in Rhode Island

The Jewelry Capital of the World™

Rooted in the heart of Rhode Island, the jewelry capital of the world, Metal Alchemist creates a new experience with metals through a fusion of artistry, science, and soul. 

From creating new precious metals, revolutionizing the physical feel of jewelry, to pioneering the groundbreaking world of subtle energies and optimized, clean metals, we have one intention: to create metal that feels good - on every level.

Because if you’re going to wear something beautiful, it might as well be powerful, too.